Thursday, October 17, 2002

“Tell me what you blog,
and I’ll tell you what you are.”

Five years ago, a man’s fantasy became reality, in a form never seen before, in the Blogger Stadium, a giant blogging arena. The motivation for spending his fortune to create such a stadium was to encounter out new, original blog posts that could be called true artistic creations.

CHAIRMAN BLOGGA: Allez cuisine!

To realize his dream, he secretly started choosing the top blogs of different styles of blogging. And he named his men and women the Iron Bloggers, the invincible men and women of culinary skills.

JANE GALT: My belief is that Saddam has consistently displayed an expansionist impulse and a willingness to threaten the use of wmd in order to defend his incursions. He has also weaponized substances for which there is no military use such as smallpox and aflotoxin which call into serious question his commitment to acquiring wmd only for strategic offensive purposes. Because I do not believe that the usa in the face of a nuclear threat from saddam would act to restrain the territorial expansion which he clearly envisions covering 70 pct of the world’s proven oil reserves located in the middle east, and because I am unable to conceive of a strategic containment structure which could be successfully implemented in the face of a nuclear iraq and because his acquisition of nuclear weapons would inevitably result in the near certain acquisition of such weapons by neighboring states especially Iran I have come to the conclusion that saddam Hussein has become an intolerable threat to world order.

Australian guy – And he is so gay.

Elizabeth – I am so much drunker than you. This is not fair.

Amy – More tequila for everyone. You get to lick body parts.

Jane – Tim, I’m so unhappy you live in Australia.

Tim – I’m not a single guy. I’ve been engaged for eight years.

Amy – I’m married but I just licked her hand. Are you drinking your shots?

Asparagirl – You haven’t quoted me yet at all, bitch.

Martin – You have such a quiet voice.

ELIZABETH – I will not dispute the fact that saddam Hussein is a tyrant and I won’t deny the fact that I would not prefer him to be the head of the Iraqi state. But I tend to conform to just war theory in determining whether or not a war would be justified and I don’t think a war would be justified unless an immediate threat exists. Saddam has been in power or in a powerful position since 1958 and during that time he has displayed relatively consistent patterns of behavior. He has not been the only leader in the middle east who has attempted to acquire wmd but he has shown considerable restraint in using the weapons that he has. The argument put forward by the bush administration is that saddam is a madman, he is unpredictable, and that he will push the nuclear button at the slightest provocation. History does not support this argument. Unlike prior Iraqi regimes, Hussein has managed to stay in power for decades. And the stability of the Hussein regime eclipses that of prior Iraqi leadership. There is no reason to believe that Hussein would suddently change (his underwear -- Tim) or patterns of behavior after decades of relative consistency therefore there is no reason to believe that Hussein is an immediate threat to the usa given that he has never been a threat historically.